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Announcement of the 4th Research Award of the Foundation Plants for Health


In 2014, GA has established the Foundation „Plants for Health“ aiming at supporting highly motivated and talented research groups. We provide start-up funds, which help to develop collaborative projects leading to promising developments in the area of medicinal plant and natural product research including the search for innovative lead compounds, exciting product ideas and novel pharmacological, clinical and other approaches in medicinal plant and natural product research. 


As the foundation successfully has started to receive donations and additional endowments from different sources, we were again able to support research projects.


The this year research award of 5000 € has been granted to
Pharmacist, PhD Research and Teaching Associate at the University of Mons,
Unit of Therapeutic Chemistry and Pharmacognosy



We wish you all success with your research project!

The Foundation’s Board:

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer          Graz             Austria

Prof. Dr. Michael Heinrich   London        U.K.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hensel     Münster       Germany

Dr. Bernd Röther                  Neumarkt    Germany                                                                                                                                    

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