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Professor Trevor M Jones

"Natures Pharmacy has been a rich source of medicines over centuries and continues to provide truly important new treatments for maintaining health and treating diseases. I very much welcome the establishment of the Foundation “Plants for Health" as an authoritative source of information and for continuing research in this field of health and life science."


Prof Trevor M Jones CBE



Prof. Jones formerly was main board director of The Wellcome Foundation, where he was responsible for R&D including the development of AZT (HIV/AIDS), Zovirax (Herpes), Lamictal (Epilepsy), Malarone (Malaria). Currently he is Chairman of Simbec-Orion Research Ltd (UK), and until March 2015 he was a Director of Allergan Inc (USA). He is a founding member of the Public Private Partnership Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) and has been a member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health (C.I.P.I.H).

Professor Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

‘The Foundation “Plants for Health” is unique in addressing the importance of traditional medicine as the latter has been instrumental in the emergence of modern medicine as we know it today. This foundation is an excellent opportunity to bring to the fore the uniqueness of traditional medicine, like African TM, which has remained untapped and unexplored and whose potential is yet to be discovered’.



PhD, DSc, former President of the Republic of Mauritius, Managing Director of CIDP Research & Innovation (formerly Centre for Phytotherapy Research). Professor with a personal chair in Organic Chemistry of the University of Mauritius (2001), Dean of the Faculty of Science and Pro–Vice Chancellor (2004–2010). Manager at the Mauritius Research Council (1995–1997), Chairperson of the International Council for Scientific Union – Regional Office for Africa (2011–2014).

Professor Mansukh Wani

‘From my perspective, having been a chemist for over 60 years, plants, their beautiful chemistry, and human health are all part of a continuum. Over my career, I have received countless letters and praise for the discoveries of taxol and camptothecin. In truth, all I did, while working with my longtime collaborator, the late Dr. Wall, was unlock the chemistry that those plants had been hiding for thousands and thousands of years. Certainly, there are many other secrets that will benefit humans hiding in nature that are just waiting to be discovered.  The “Plants for Health” Foundation is an ideal organization for strengthening research in medicinal plants and natural products, which needs our support.


PhD from Indiana University US, Principal Scientist Emeritus at RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC. Main areas of research: isolation and characterization of biologically active natural products and synthesis of anticancer and antifertility agents, including being involved in the development of antineoplastic agents like camptothecin and taxol.

More than 200 publications.

Bruce F. Cain Memorial Award (American Association for Cancer Research), National Cancer Institute Award of Recognition, the Charles F. Kettering Prize (General Motors Cancer Research Foundation), Distinguished Alumni Award (Indiana University). In 2003, the American Chemical Society designated the discovery of camptothecin and taxol at Research Triangle Institute as a National Historic Chemical Landmark.

Prof. Wani passed away on 11 April 2020.

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