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The Foundation Board:


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer

I am committed to „Plants for Health“, because I consider medicinal plant research to be very important and it can be used by us to develop potent drugs for future generations.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hensel

I support the foundation because I am firmly convinced that through inten-

sive and modern research into medicinal plants we can discover highly 

active natural substances for future use in medicine and pharmaceuticals. However, research requires support and encouragement. This is what the 

„Plants for Health“ foundation stands for, as well as my commitment in this respect.

Dr. Barbara Steinhoff

Research into the ingredients and mechanisms of action of medicinal plants is an important element in promoting scientific progress, securing traditional applications, but also creating innovative approaches for new areas of application for herbal preparations. The “Plants for Health” foundation will make a contribution to this by its global network.

Bionorica-Röther_Bernd-0194 (2).jpg

Dr. Bernd Röther

From time immemorial, the plant kingdom has been a source of important pharmacological agents. Research must take advantage of this treasure trove and support researchers in their efforts to establish new active principles. This is where the „Plants for Health“ foundation will be providing new stimuli.

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